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Engagement is an experience in which someone fully deploys their skills, talents, and attention to solve a challenging task.


Relationships are fundamental to the wellbeing and the experience of wellbeing is often amplified through relationships.


A sense of meaning and purpose can be derived from belonging to and serving something bigger than the self.

positive emotions

We can increase our positive emotion about the past, presence, and future, by cultivating gratitude, savoring physical pleasures, and mindfulness as well as by building hope and optimism.

Growing issues of mental health in the workplace


of an employee's salary is the average cost of burnout.

1 in 4

employees will at least once struggle with their mental health.


of employees with mental health issues said it affects their working life.

Performance coaching is not enough. The modern workplace creates a growing need for coaching focused on the entire spectrum from performance coaching to mental wellbeing.
Mental health continuum

What we cover through coaching

Our product covers almost the whole spectrum of the mental health continuum: from struggling to thriving.

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You select participants who will gain access to our wellbeing coaching services. We leverage our coaching platform, digital wellbeing coaching tools, and a deep bench of coaches to easily scale across your organization.
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We start with a science-based wellbeing assessment to provide a baseline of individual employee wellbeing.
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Based on the assessment, employees will be matched with one of the coaches from our pool of coaches. Individual wellbeing coaching sessions take place over our secure platform.
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We'll help your organizational stakeholders track the result of the wellbeing coaching program from beginning to end.
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Mental wellbeing coaching is #1 employee benefit

With the rise of burnout rates in all professions, lack of connection in remote and hybrid work, as well as challenges with finding purpose and drive, mental wellbeing coaching has become one of the most important employee benefits. In cultures of care, mental wellbeing coaching can make a difference.
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