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Create a high-performing and resilient organization.
About modern workplace

feedback hungry

Employees expect feedback from leaders and team members. Feedback is a strong motivator of the modern workforce.

burnout prone

As a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed, burnout can lead to negativism, mental distance from work, feelings of exhaustion, and reduced efficiency.


Teams often lack open dialogue, shared team purpose, and psychological safety.

The modern workplace demands a full range of employee coaching benefits: from performance coaching to mental wellbeing, for individuals for teams, and the entire organization.

Science based
Psychological know-how and proprietary internationally accredited programs.
Access to coaching when it matters, with continuous support.
An adaptive approach for creating change in complex environments.
Accessible to all employees and teams organization-wide.
Our approach

Integrated coaching platform

Performance Coaching.

Empower your employees with personal efficiency, better leadership, and change management.

Mental wellbeing.

Improve the mental wellbeing of your employees by providing a timely intervention for dealing with stress, burnout, or disconnection from work.

Team coaching.

Bring your teams more clarity, better team relations, connection to relevant stakeholders, and continuous team learning.

Coach trainings.

Build your internal coaching capability by investing in training your employees in the most important coaching skills.

ideal for

High Growth businesses

Innovative organization

Change Agents




cultures of performance and care.

Customer Feedback

they seem to be enjoying it.

For us it was very valuable to learn about these modern approaches in coaching psychology and how to implement them in everyday business. We all come from a trainers background and our job was to teach someone and here it was a shift in paradigm - the client knows the answer. The thing that we had to learn was to be more silent and more in a role of a coach. It was like always through feedback that the theory was integrated, so it was a great balance between theory and practice. I think the most important thing I learned was helping the client to take responsibility for his or her own outcome.
Training expert, A1 Telecom VIP
The biggest change I’ve seen being implemented is that people were influenced and triggered to function as effective teams rather than working groups, majority started to lead coaching conversations with their direct reports/teams and to have more efficient leadership/team meetings. However, the most impactful result was that one of our dysfunctional leadership teams become now one of the most effective ones and we are so thankful to Koučing centar for supporting the growth of our people and, especially, their leadership skills in building high performing teams.
People Development Business Partner, Endava
Koučing centar supported us through coaching sessions given to each our team. This feedback training, with guidelines and good practices brought from their rich experience, improved culture in our company by giving us more confidence and freedom in the context of internal communications. We found cooperation with Koučing centar and its professionals very useful and would recommend their services to the teams who want to improve their dynamics and team interactions.
Country Head, Bosch SofTech

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