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Team coaching is partnering with a team to inspire them to reach common purpose and shared goals, as well as develop their collective leadership to jointly transform the wider business.
Some of the important studies on team effectiveness have pointed to team coaching as one of the six factors that enable teams to thrive. That is why team coaching should be available to all teams to get over rough spots and take advantage of emerging opportunities.
Some of the typical topics of team coaching include:- joint team creation of strategy
- team "retrospectives"
- managing challenging clients collectively
- resolving team conflicts
- preparing for organizational ramp-up
- clarifying what the team needs to deliver with team stakeholders
- developing team KPIs/OKRs
Team coaching is different to other team development modalities. It is not team building because it does not take place in informal settings with the aim to improve team collaboration only. Neither is it team facilitation which has a more basic role to channelize team dialogue.

contracting & scoping

We make sure that team development is understood in a system of key stakeholders' expectations. Interviews with team members and stakeholders help us understand the purpose of team coaching in a wider organizational context.
Scoping meetings
Customer Success
Client team

team 360 feedback

After initial scoping, we start team coaching by team 360 feedback, which enables collaborative team diagnostics. Our approach to team 360 feedback is qualitative, open-ended and digitally delivered and administered.
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Team 360 feedback

start of team coaching sessions

Based on the scoping and team 360 feedback, teams are be matched with one of the coaches from our pool of team coaches. Team coaching sessions take place over our secure platform.
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tracking team progress

We'll help your organizational stakeholders track the result of team coaching program from beginning to end.
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